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I want to be remembered as someone who used herself and anything she could touch to work for justice and freedom…I want to be remembered as one who tried. -Dorothy Height

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Irnise is a nurse attorney who provides small business support for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, and other clinicians and healthcare companies. Irnise specializes in healthcare business startups and helps business owners understand why healthcare compliance is important. She works as outside counsel to provide guidance on healthcare corporate compliance for healthcare tech companies. If you want to start a healthcare business or seeking regulatory compliance support from a compliance pro, book a consultation today. Irnise is an experienced nurse and attorney who works with individuals, businesses, and organizations to create systemic change. As a Prosci Change Management Expert, she uses this process to break down the goals of her clients to create sustainable and cost-effective plans of action. Additionally, her training empowers executives, leaders, and other stakeholders to go from struggle to stride by expanding their perspective, discovering opportunities of growth, and utilizing present resources to reach their intended goal.


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Expert Nurse and Health Law Attorney prepared to speak on the intersection of health, law, and technology.
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Providing specialized advice and developing creative concepts for businesses, healthcare organizations, and law firms that are seeking independent legal consultants.
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Working with healthcare and tech companies on regulatory and compliance matters.
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Becoming a nurse or a lawyer in America means understanding the complexities of the healthcare system or the legal system, and being able to apply a deeper understanding of justice, fairness, and equality to the information that you are being taught theoretically and practically. Understanding your role as a nurse or a lawyer in America goes beyond the education you will gain in a formal setting, and includes the need to understand the impact of the development of either system from a micro perspective. The development of both of these systems did not happen in a vacuum and the decisions that have been made or not made lead to outcomes that are immeasurable for marginalized communities. Here are some resources to assist aspiring nurses and attorneys on their journey to becoming social change agents and empathetic practitioners.


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Best HIPAA Compliance Software 

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Checklist for Hospital Compliance

Compliance with regulatory standards is a must for any business in the healthcare industry. However, understanding and navigating various organizations’ complex regulations can be challenging.  Using a well-structured healthcare compliance audit checklist can improve your efforts to ensure your business complies with regulations. Use this guide to build a healthcare compliance audit template that applies […]