Reported to the Board Now What

The scariest thing you can experience is a letter or call alerting you that you have been reported to the Board of Nursing. If you have been reported to the Board, taking prompt and appropriate action to protect your nursing license and professional reputation is essential. Take a deep breath and understand that you will have an opportunity to defend yourself and protect your license. Our firm works with nurses to navigate the process.

Although this situation can be emotionally draining, here are some steps that you can take:

  • Carefully review the allegations against you to ensure you understand the nature of the complaint and the evidence being presented.
  • Be careful to maintain confidentiality and avoid discussing the case with anyone not directly involved in the investigation or your legal representation.
  • Consider consulting with an attorney specializing in nursing law who can guide your legal rights and options.

Our firm can assist you with the following:

  • You may be required to submit a written response within a specific timeframe. We help our clients provide a clear, concise response addressing the allegations and providing relevant documentation or evidence.
  • If the Board of Nursing initiates an investigation, we review and help you prepare the requested information or documentation.
  • If the Board of Nursing decides to hold a hearing, our attorney prepares thoroughly by reviewing the evidence, creating a strategy, and helping you prepare and practice your testimony.

Taking the allegations seriously and responding quickly and professionally to any complaints or investigations is essential. The investigation can take between two to three years. Still, when a final decision is made, you must comply with any disciplinary actions or orders, such as completing additional training or monitoring, unless you appeal.

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